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Shifting Paradigms–Being a Real Ba’al Teshuvah

I was brought up with humanistic values and Jewish practice. While I had become Ortho-practice in my life after moving to North American, where it was possible to be Ortho-practice without sacrificing all aspects of life, my mind-set had never changed. That is why I was always perplexed with the question, “so, what’s it like… Continue reading Shifting Paradigms–Being a Real Ba’al Teshuvah

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Judaism is like which religion?

Americans often compare Judaism to Christianity. The over-used word, Judeo-Christian tradition, kind of makes me wince. Christianity and Judaism are really not so similar. Paritcularly, Protestant Christianity (which “Christianity” has come to usually mean in American English) has very little resemblance to Judaism. The religoin that is the closest to Judaism is Islam, then Catholicism,… Continue reading Judaism is like which religion?