This page functions as my personal outlet of all things I would like to talk about on my other blog (which is primarily in Japanese), but find hard because of the cultural gulf between the things I want to talk about and Japanese. You could say that it's my laziness that has made this blog come into existence. As such, I am not going to translate much of any "foreign" words and technical terms. The entries will often be peppered with religiously technical phoneticized Hebrew or Yiddish, Japanese, Korean, and occasionally, other languages.

Some on-line resources to decipher terms that might be cryptic to you:

For religious Hebrew and Yiddish-> English: http://www.torah.org/support/glossary.php3, http://www.jewfaq.org/glossary.htm

For Japanese-> English and English-> Japanese: http://www.alc.co.jp

For Korean-> English, 한일사전, 국어사전, 일한사전, 韓日・日韓辞典: http://dic.naver.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello-

    My name is Alison Brady and I am trying (desperately) to find a Jewish/Japanese person who will celebrate Passover in Los Angeles this year for a feature story. I write for Kyodo News, the largest news wire in Japan (based in L.A.) If you would like to be interviewed for this story, that would be wonderful. Please contact me. -Alison

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