About Me

I moved… again!!

We moved back to California, but this time to a city new to both Misha and me, San Diego. It’s very sunny here and also diverse. I like it.

It’s great to have a shul to go to within easy walking distance instead of having to drive 1, 2, and even 3 hours. And a community full of people to celebrate Shabbat with. The kids are seeing other kids who also celebrate Shabbat. It’s no longer this weird thing that only they do that keeps them out of the fun and causes inconveniences.

To make this move, I decided to change careers. The previous one was just not working for me. Even the “dream” job was only starting to look like a “good bridge job” to get us to where we wanted to relocate and try to settle. That told me that my heart and mind was no longer with the path that I had pursued for, oh, only 14 years or so.

We are hoping that this will be our last–or at least close to last–move.

With that, I hope to start blogging a little more again!


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