About Me

Harassment, Bullying (いじめ), and 許されざること(Unforgivable Things)

In the past decade, for the first time in my life, I was harassed by a particular individual as a woman. It made me acutely aware of my womanhood in the most unwelcome way. It also made me doubt myself and my actions during the time. That was the most difficult part of it. I was able to pull through despite that in large part because I had the support of Misha and my mother who continually affirmed that I was not at fault. I never thought that I would fall into the trap of thinking that somehow I solicited the comments, and yet, I did.


I find what I experienced completely unforgivable. Knowing of others who experienced similar things to by the same person, I find all of this entirely unforgivable.


I weighed my options and figured that at this point, bringing on a formal complaint would not accomplish what I need or want. The only thing that would help me feel like I have done something right in the face of an absolute wrong like this is to swear: When and where I am made aware of it, I will not allow it.


At the same time, I am aware of the possibility of my possibly becoming a perpetuator and sorely do not want to be. I declare here that I will be diligent about monitoring my own behavior so that I do not make others feels uncomfortable within reasonable grounds.



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