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Petition against legalizing over-exposing children to radiation (日・英)

Of course there is tragic and shocking news (on a massive scale) flowing out of eastern and northern Japan every minute since March 11, 2011. (The cursed 11s in my life!) But this one hit me the hardest so far.

It is ridiculous that the Japanese government is not appointing larger areas as evacuation zones and that the most vulnerable population (including newborns and pregnant women) are not being encouraged to move out of these high-risk zones. To the contrary, the government is trying to raise the legal level of radiation exposure for children to 20msV/year–a level not even most workers (obviously adults) are exposed to.

Originally, I was shocked to hear when I first read about the government raising the legal level of radiation exposure for the nuclear plant workers. There are also reports of discrimination at the grounds of how emergency workers are being chosen. In the face of emergencies, true human nature shows, but also the true colors of the governing body shows. This administration (headed by Prime Minister Kan) has been coming under fire for a while, but it’s really too bad that he (and his allies) are in power at this moment.

Help me petition against PM Kan’s administration from legalizing children’s over-exposure to radiation on a regular basis. To sign the petition in English, go here. 日本語のサイトはこちら。このリンクからは「これまでの経緯」というリンクもあります。個人的にはここに載っている、3月16日付けで内閣官房参与に任命され、4月30日に辞任された小佐古敏荘教授の声明が一番衝撃的でした。ぜひご一覧ください。


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