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Thanksgiving at Chez Kaguya

The answer: We do nothing.

I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving and feel no special connection to it.

To make things worse (?) I don’t eat meat, rendering the whole focus of the day–turkey-eating–meaningless.

The other decision-maker in this household, Misha, was once a complete (ovo-lacto) vegetarian, and today, is a “modified” non-meat eater like me. (We eat fish, dairy, eggs, and honey.) Also, in his years of living in Israel, he lost interest in strictly American holidays. Leo is not old enough to have a firm opinion on this so he goes with the flow of things–which at the moment, is “Yay! A day off!!”


Still, this year I found myself getting into the “Holiday Spirit” of things since both Misha and Leo were out of school by noon on Wednesday. It was a rare day that Misha and I could go out together without transgressing Leo’s delicate bedtime. So we strolled over to the movie theater, watched a movie, and came back home to whisk away Leo to all of our favorite Chinese restaurant. (Leo constantly talks about this place, always gets very excited when he finds out that we are going, and ran in to the place as soon as he spotted it.)


The truth is, we hardly eat out and when we do, it is usually at this same place. But the analogy of the Jewish family eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve worked too well. And in fact, as we were getting ready to leave, a Jewish family came in and the youngest was talking about how she was asked if that (a Jewish family eating Chinese on an American holiday) wasn’t a Christmas thing to do.  It was kind of funny overhearing this conversation because we had had the same conversation only a few hours before. Will we go there on Christmas too? Given that Christmas Eve is on a Friday night, certainly not then, but we might go there after Shabbat? We will see….



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