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Bye-bye Grandpa

Today my grandfather died. Many people in their obituary keep saying that he was “so young”–in the good sense. And, yes, he was young. He had such a love and passion for life–it was infectious. It also made him a “real” person in that he didn’t back off from arguing or debating with me–even though he was more than sixty years older than me and my grandfather. If he asked something, he “demanded” an answer–as an old friend of his said. Yes, he “demanded” answers.

He is the link to my Jewish observance and he was both tickled, proud, and perplexed about that. It was his father that was the gentle and pious man from Eastern Europe. It was he who was so religious even he seemed to have discarded everything Jewish (which was impossible). Much more religious than I could ever dream of being.

Because of his ever-lasting youth he had an ability to form sincere relationships with people no matter what their age.

He had a good life and a good ending with his caring and loyal wife and son beside him until his very last moment. But still, I wanted him with us just a bit longer. Bye-bye Grandpa. I will miss you.


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