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I believe that in the blogosphere, for many reasons, I should keep my political opinions to myself. But, I was compelled to write something. But then again, I decided that no–my opinion is not going to change any political outcome anyway (the states that I vote in always vote the same) and it just jeopardizes me, so why should I bother. But really, I have been compelled to say something so many times…

Having said that, I will state this much: I will vote this election because I have to for external reasons. Not because I want to. The candidate that I will vote for I don’t particularly like–many critics have pointed out the reasons why I don’t like him. In fact, personality-wise, I think I like his opponent better. If I were voting based on character and personal like and dislike, my choice would be the opposite of what I will do. But I will vote for the candidate that I will because I perfer this particular candidate’s policy a whole lot better than his opponents’. (Well at least I am revealing that I am not voting for any of the smaller parties, but sticking to the major ones…)

And I am sad that again this election season, I can use the pronoun “he” to describe both Republican and Democratic presentential candidates. I wish that I had to come up with a creative way to refer to the presedential candidates without the feminine or masculine pronouns. Or better yet, if I could use “she” for both presidential candidates! ;)


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