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Being a Soupaterian

I am a fishaterian as a way of compromise. Really, I want to be a Breatharian, but I don’t find that feasible.

Misha once told me about the Breatharian guru in Santa Cruz.

Apparently, there was a scandal in Santa Cruz because the Breatharian guru who was preaching to others to not eat food, was spotted walking out of the local burger shop with a big fat hamburger in his hand.

I know…. It’s not possible for us to live entirely on bacteria-free water and air. I know I know and yet that’s what I would LOVE to do.

I sometimes turn into a breatharian part-time. This stems from the fact that I have a not such good habit of frequently turning into a breatharian during the day when Misha is not around to put food on the table. This is especially likely to happen when my work is going well and I am really into what I am doing. I keep saying, “oh, let me just finish this up and then I will get up and have that rice.” But really, that moment keeps getting pushed off until, well, Misha’s turns up.

Slightly concerned about my state of health, Misha recently started to tell me exactly what kind of ready-to-eat cooked food is in the refrigeator. Today, he had told me about 味噌汁 (miso soup) in the fridge. So, I turned into a soupatarian until Misha’s return.


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