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Quick Update

Hi there, long time no see.

Been away for a while and a lot has happened to me.

First, I have a little lion cub called Leo in my life now. The day of giving birth was one of the most dramatic days and definitely one of the highest of highlights in my life. Can’t wait to experience it again, in yet another way, another day.

And, I moved back from Tokyo to New York–from one big city to another big city. I miss my family and friends in Japan sorely, but, I am also happy to have the chance to reunite with old friends here and to be able to embrace my old love, New York.

I have had a lot of things I have thought of and have wanted to write, but am finding it incredibly hard to find the time. The first month of Leo’s life was just about keeping up with his nursing, diapering, crying, trying to feed ourselves, and trying to keep up with laundry.  I think we failed miserably on the laundry end, but did pretty well otherwise.

Having moved (again!), now we are trying to set up our lives here.

Not easy… But again, fun!!!


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