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In Praise of Formula

Me? Well, I am actually a hundred percent breast milk kind of a gal. Perhaps a little extreme by some people’s standards. Yes, the La Leche League-type. Well, what can I say? My mom is a hard-core LLList and I was inculcated by their ideologies–via my mom, of course–from birth.  I am not such a radical type, in fact, rather compliant, so I have followed in the footsteps of my upbringing here too.

But, I must say, I do think that formula changed the world for a lot women: Formula made it possible for women who did not want to breast-feed in public to go out with their babies and not worry about when the baby got hungry; it made it possible for women to go out without their babies if they needed to take some time-off; it made it possible for them to not get sleep-deprived because if the baby needed a feeding at night-time, someone else could do it just as easily.

What a revolution!!

And, that is the luxury of living in today’s world, where, if all else is equal, you can choose to breast-feed only, to mix-and-match breast-feeding and formula-giving, and to give formula-only.

Thank you, foremothers and forefathers, scientists and social activists.

I am a child that lives in the privileged world that you created for me and my friends and our children.


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