Religious life

Islam and Judaism


If you are a traditionally practicing Jew, I think Judaism starts to look a lot more like Islam rather than “the other” religion that Judaism usually gets lumped in with (that is, (Protestant) Christianity). 


Both Islam and Judaism in traditional practice emphasize your actions over belief.  That emphasis on action expresses itself in terms of strict codes of conduct called halakha in Judaism and shari’ah in Islam.  A comparative study of this would be interesting, and I am sure it exists, but I don’t know of one. 


By the way, I think that the term “Judeo-Christian tradition” has been over-used.  To boot, it has come to be used often in the wrong context.  The term is not meant to be a politically correct “inclusive” term, it is meant to be more accurate.  A lot of things in “western culture” is “(Protestant) Christian” and no longer “Judeo-Christian” or “Judeo-Christian-Muslim.”  We got to be a little more discerning when using this term.




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