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If I were a Housewife…

The other day when we were walking around in our neighborhood, I said to Misha, “Well, imagine.  If I were a housewife…”  But he didn’t let me continue.  He immediately said, “I would have an easier time imagining you as an astronaut than a housewife.”  I wanted to dwell on the fantasy for a split second longer than when he cut me off.  Although I’m not too bitter about it since I probably wouldn’t have been able to advance the vision much further than… oh, about… five words-worth more, to be on the generous side…  I could imagine being a medical doctor for a longer time (like five seconds) than being a housewife (probably for about two seconds).  Being an astronaut actually provided some great daydreaming material although also completely unrealistic.

The almost certain loneliness that being a housewife would bring to my life would be unbearable.  For the same reasons, I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with a job that required me to “work out of home” all the time.  I mean, you never know.  People change all the time, and you always find out about new realities that you didn’t know about.  But for now, my daydreaming seems to have no room for jobs and careers that require me to stay at home all day.  So I wonder what I will be when I “grow up.”  Hmmmm….




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