Want Green Tea Ice Cream?

Strangely enough, the longer I stay away from Japan, the more I start to crave the tastes from “home.” 

When I first left Japan, I lived without a kitchen for two years—while I hardly cook nowadays, when I was in my teens, I actually used to cook my own breakfast and lunch.  So for the first few weeks of having left home, I didn’t understand why I was left with so much extra time to doodle around in the mornings.  –Sorry I got sidetracked….

The point is, after about the third year of being away from home, I couldn’t stand it anymore and my dad was offering anyway, so I asked him to get me a rice cooker. 

Recently, I have found myself almost constantly craving Green Tea Ice Cream.  Yes, it was definitely one of my favorite flavors back home too—in fact, it was a dazzling new flavor that came out in my teens that I instantly fell in love with—but one that I didn’t eat it much.  Partially because the best flavor was sold by <a href=>Haagen Dazs</a>, which as you know, is always a cut above others not only in flavor, but also in price, and also…. Because the heavy cream was often too creamy for me…

Now, though, I have had enough of no Green Tea Ice Cream!  I found a (sort of) local gelato shop that makes good Green Tea gelato called <a href=>Angelato Cafe</a>.  But really, the best place is <a href=>Gelateria Naia</a>, which has a few shops in the San Francisco-Bay Area and I think makes the best gelato/ice cream.  But, neither of them are hekshered establishments, which prevents me from bringing them back home to serve to guests in my home… 

Since Haagen Dazs makes quite excellent Green Tea Ice Cream in Japan and Korea (and I am sure in China too) and all their flavors are hekshered, I am launching a campaign to get them to sell that great flavor outside of the North Asian continent as well!!

Come on, write to them!!  It’s  Suggest to them making and marketing Green Tea Ice Cream outside of the North East Asian continent!!  It will be “the real thing” (as opposed to this “green tea” ice cream widely distributed in the LA area, which tastes like detergent—yuck!!) and will make so many people happy!!


5 thoughts on “Want Green Tea Ice Cream?

  1. You got to be kidding!! If you launch a heksher natto campaign you definitely have two who will jump on board right away!! Misha and me!!

    Do you like Kimchee (Korean Cabbage pickles) too? Another food item we think it would be cool to get hekshered. King’s Kimchi is vegan, but doesn’t have a heksher.

  2. >I’m just glad I found hekhshered panko and gyoza wrappers!

    I know what you mean! But we can’t stop here. We got to keep introducing these oh so “exotic” foods to the hekshered community.

    The King’s Kimchi website is: For requesting they get hekshered, you can contact them at:

    Another aspect is that the hekshering agency charge a whole lot. I think that also probably is a problem and deterent especially for the small to mid-size operations… But this is about hekshering politics that I am not savy about.

    Anyhow, spread the word to potentially interested landsman and communities that might respond well in helping getting the heksher. I have also dreamed of starting a foundation that provides funds for the small non-Jewish manufaturers to get hekshers, but that takes money that I don’t have… sigh…

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