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What Makes Me Sad

Violence against women—no question, this is what makes me the most upset.


I saw Crash the other day.


I had heard great things about it from other bloggers who I seem to share a lot in common with. I knew that it was supposed to be a hard to watch movie, but the scene that disturbed me the most and continues to disturb me still is the scene where a woman (presumably African-American) is being molested by a police officer as her husband has to watch on completely helplessly—just describing this much makes burning knots appear in my stomach. I can’t stand it. And what I can’t stand even more is that it was a movie. Even though I wanted to go in and push away that cop from the woman, even though I wanted to call the police on him, I wasn’t convinced that anything I would do would have actually been effective and it bothered me that I couldn’t think of a better alternative. I just had to sit there and watch the scene while a woman—even if it was supposed to be a fictional occurrence—was being molested in front of her husband. He couldn’t do anything and I couldn’t do anything, and the stupid partner of the cop who was doing wasn’t intervening although he too, was clearly disturbed by the sight. Helpless people watching on. And no one, including us in the audience, could think of anything to do—anything that we could have done in a similar situation. That bothered me the most.


A few days later, the scene reappeared in my mind again and I couldn’t think of what do. Misha suggested that perhaps the partner could have arrested him for an attempt at rape. I wondered if that would have worked and then realized that it just might when I remembered that was a warrant issued for a young boy with too much hormones running around sexual arrest when he was running around campus touching women’s breasts and running off. That’s unpleasant too, but what the woman in the movie was suffering was way worse and would have definitely qualified as an attempt at rape.


I just don’t want to have to watch women suffer again. It happens too often already. I don’t have to see it in fiction too.







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