About Me

About Cats


My thing is to be a cat, or at least a furry animal.

My wish to be a cat was a little too strong to feel like it was authentic and innate.  It felt like one of those, “I know I can’t be one, so I want to be one even more!!” type of urges….


On the other hand, when I visited a monkey mountain in Kyoto last winter, I felt very much at home surrounded by these furry monkeys, just grooming themselves and each other.  That was when I realized, perhaps I was not meant to be a cat, but certainly was meant to be a monkey.


It’s just that I am not convinced that I was meant to be born a clumsy thing like humans who can’t even protect their own bodies without pieces of cloth hanging off of them in these very strange ways.


Anyway, over Shabbat this week, I wasn’t feeling so great.  So I needed something that would sooth me and make me happy.  I have a blog that I frequent when I want to be amused.  But this was Shabbat, so the thought of visiting the site didn’t even occur to me.  Instead what caught my attention was this book that I have had for close to a year now: “The Body Language and Emotion of Cats.” 

I picked this up at my grandma’s in Canada last summer. I had been wanting to read it for awhile.


I read a little on my own Friday night.  Saturday during the day, after having taken a long extended nap, Misha came and read me more of it. 


I turned into an eight-year old being tucked in to bed listening to amazing things about cats and their anatomy.


This week I learned about cat fur—its length, coloring, functions, and design. Some really cool stuff.


I hope to keep reading it, just the question is when….



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