About Me

Why a *Nomad*?

Because it feels like I have been moving non-stop from the time I left home in 1995. 

I first lived in a dorm in Victoria, Canada. (2yrs.)–The summers were spent away from there of course, because you couldn't stay. Renting out the place during the summer was one of their most important ways of gaining revenue, as was the case for the college that I entered later.  Places I went to during those summers–England; Grenoble, France; Besançon, France; Taiwan; Singapore; Hong Kong, and of course, home (Japan). 

For college, I went to a school in New York City. (4yrs.) Places I went to during the summers–Durham, North Carolina (American Dance Festival); Bates, Maine (Bates Dance Festival); New York; and home(Japan).
After college, I immediately went on to graduate school in Berkeley, California and took up residents there. (2yrs.)–Going to graduate school right away was the right idea, but perhaps the year was the wrong one for me (it was 2001).  The year between my first and second years, I got to go to Seoul, Korea thanks to a shortage of Korean Studies people in our department.  I had a blast.

On a whim, I decided to go to Korea for a year (or so) after my second year of graduate school, so I took off, stayed with my parents a bit (3 months) and then went to Seoul, Korea.  Again, I absolutely loved living there.  I also happened upon some great friends and my love there too.
My love, let's call him Misha, wanted to return to live by his family in the City of Angels after extending his stay in Korea (by 3 months)  so I reciprocated and went to live in the City of Angels for 3 months.  I suffered trying to finish my Master's Thesis, which seemed to be long due while I was in LA.  Unfortunately, the project was far from being done. 

After my extended break of a year, I went back to graduate school, but this time in stead of moving back to a city that gave me a lot of allergic reactions and bad memories, I opted to live in San Francisco.  This, actually, was Misha's idea. 

I found a roommate who was born the same date as me, but only a year later.  This was after making friends with someone in Korea who was also born the same date as me, but a year earlier.  I had never met people born on the same date as me, so it felt strange.  

I tell you, a have these few "charged years" in my life, and surely, this year of 2003, from October until the end of 2004 was another "charged" year like that.  So many coincidence and happenings that just keep coming together in strange ways. 

After a year of an impossible (for me) mid-distance relationship with Misha, we got married in New York and now we live in the City of Angels. Except, we will be in Japan within a year or two, and also Jerusalem within two or three years.  

No, compare to some, I am not a hard-core Nomad. But the fact that I keep changing my city (and often country) of residence every few years makes me feel like one because I grew up in the same house from 5 to 17 and the same city from 3 to 17. I had a pretty stable childhood.  Plus, the fact that there is no one paying for my moves, and that I have no family around in the places that I am going to or leaving from to be able to dump all my stuff at makes me feel the stress of the move even more acutely.  So, I consider myself a Nomad.  Not a bad thing…. It's just makes it hard to have a cat or two or three in my life, which I would really love to have again….


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